4 Steps to a completely custom boat:

1. Get In Touch!

Like always, the first step is to reach out and let us know your needs.  Feel free to email, call or use one of our forms to contact us.

We’re happy to talk about your project, and help determine the best solution.  When you call though, there are a number of items we need to know, which brings us to step #2:

2. Requirements Gathering

This is where we need the most effort out of you.  We need an idea of what kind of custom work you need!

Please take 10 minutes, and read through our options page!  It will save a ton of time if you are reasonably familiar with what we offer.

Think about:

What dimensions  you need?

What type of aluminum do you want (if applicable)?  Brushed, Powder Coated, Anodized, etc.

What color Gel Coat (if applicable)?

Will you need installation?

3. We’ll get you a quote

Now that we know the scope of the custom work you need for your boat, it’s on us to get you a quote.

We’ll email you a  quote showing exactly what is included for the price.  If we got any of your requirements wrong, this is the best place to tell us, and we’ll be happy to revise the quote.

4. Invoice and Production

Once the proof is approved we email you an e-Invoice, which can be paid securely online with any major credit card or paypal.  The invoice is for the full quoted amount, no deposits.

As soon as the invoice is paid, we go to work! All with American workers in Homestead, FL.

Please don’t pay the invoice until  you are sure there will be no more changes.

We’re happy to answer status questions during production… give us a ring and we’ll give you our best guess on a ship date.